Construction Update

(Update 03/5/2004)

Progress has been slow on the Fremont Park/GMRRS clubhouse over the past few months. Heavy seasonal rains have hampered progress and rendered the park a giant mud-pit!

But over the past week or so, the sun has reluctantly emerged, the park has dried out, and crucial work has resumed. While the vast majority of the progress has been outside, there has been some updates on the clubhouse itself.

Temporary power has been restored to the building and allowed us to check in on it. Thankfully, The interior is fine – no sign of water or construction damage. Power is limited to the lighting and HVAC. We still have no water or sewer at this time.

Not that all has gone well with the GMRRS. We have a structural building which fell and took out a vintage car beneath it. Fortunately the car was abandoned, and there were no casualties. An Insurance Adjuster is on his way to access the damage and costs!

The foundation for the new service/utility building has been poured next to the clubhouse. This replaces the old cinderblock parks building prior.

Across from the Clubhouse is the foundation and basic framework for the new recs buildings. It has taken many waves of Cement trucks to providing all the concrete to get the job done.

The park as it stands right now.

(Update 01/7/2004)

As of the first of the year, 2024, Construction on the Fremont park has been temporary suspended and hindered by the December rains. Most of the tennis courts have been removed, as well as the concrete sidewalks and parking lot in front of our former location. The cinder-block” “Parks” building next to us is completely gone and a deep hole stands in its place. All power to our building has been cut until temporary power can be brought in.

We have had some limited access and pleased to announce that the interior of the clubhouse has weathered the initial demolition quite well. Not seems to be have affected or disturbed – which is a relief to us all.

We eagerly await to see what 2024 brings to the GMRRS!!

[Update 01/05/24]

Commencing on October 16th, 2023, the City of Glendale initiated renovations at Fremont Park, the site of our club house and layout.  The projected duration for this undertaking is approximately 18 months. Consequently, our monthly public open house events will be on hold during this period.  During the park construction we still will be publicly active through alternative functions, and we warmly welcome new members.  So, if you are interested in joining us for the next chapter of the society and lots of railroading fun, please don’t hesitate to contact us (here on this website?). To keep posted society and construction news, keep an eye on updates posted on our Facebook page and website.

[Update 12/01/23]

Here is the original City of Glendale Proposal for the Fremont Park Remodel. Many locations for the Glendale Model Railroad build was considered inside the boundaries of the park – but luckily, cool heads prevailed, and our beloved structure will stay exactly in place as it has for over 75 years!