Glendale Model Railroad Society
Verdugo Valley Lines



1. Our prize-winning model of the Los Angeles Union Station. A famous movie actress is performing in a well-known movie. Police protection is provided.

2. Passenger trains back in to load passengers. Steam and Air lines keep cars ready to load — Models of many famous trains can be seen here.

3. Roundhouse — Steam Locomotives undergoing maintenance and repair.

4. Turntable — automatic alignment to every track.

5. Notice the climbers scaling the cliff.

6. Diesel House — Maintenance and repair of Diesel locomotives.

7. Taylor Yard — Main freight yard of the Verdugo Valley Lines.

8. The Ice Plant and icing dock serves our refrigerator car fleet

9. Glendale Station — A model of the local station, made over 25 years ago.

10. Burbank city area — Maintenance yard, Grandma’s Bed and Breakfast, Auto wrecking Yard, Athearn Building.

11. Auto accident; The driver almost made it to Grandma’s.

12. Madame Blavatsky’s Restaurant and Seance Parlor, featuring Fine Food and Spirits.

13. Painters error — Not only the building gets colored.

14. Crapulent codger — The Cop will take him in when he lets go of the post and falls.

15. City Park, for the kids.

16. The building is going to get cooled.

17. The business District — The Movie features the famous ‘California Zephyr’.

18. Various buildings showing occupations of Club Members.

19. The Road Crossing features flashing warning lights.

20. Wegman Warehouse — for Aircraft parts.

21. Burbank Junction — Trains go to San Fernando, or up the Coast line.

22. Kohl Iron Works, steel fabricator — An important shipper.

23. San Fernando Station — First stop after Glendale Station.

24. The Sunkist Packing plant and orchard.

25. Saugus Station and Industrial Area.

26. Chaffin Oil Depot — One of two Oil dealers online. Note that ‘Trespassers will be emulsified’.

28. Bonebrake Manufracturing Co. ‘Nuff said.

29. The warehouse District, source of business for the railroad.

30. Laws, the start of our Narrow Gauge operation to Keeler and Owenyo.

31. Mojave Station and Yard. The Midpoint of the layout. The Branch Line leaves from here to the oil refinery seen through the gap., and connects with Laws.

32. Our Mining Area, served by the narrow gauge railroad.

33. Vasquez Rocks. Passenger trains are warned of the bandit hiding in the rocky formations.

34. Monolith, with the cement plant and tower.

35. Tehachapi Loop. No Southern Pacific model is complete without one. The Cross at the Loop commemorates S.P. employees killed in a wreck.

36. Caliente Station

37. Melin Memorial Bridge, built by an early club member. He also built the trestle above Tehachapi on the narrow gauge.

38. Underneath it all is Bakersfield, where trains are turned for the return trip to Taylor Yard or Glendale.

39. At the Right, upstairs, the engineers and Dispatcher operate trains over the entire layout.

40. Just under the Engineers Cabs is Keeler — the other end of the Narrow Gauge.

In the Front Aisle, the Taylor and Glendale Yardmasters assign trains to the Engineers.

We hope you enjoyed your visit with us.

The Glendale Model Railroad Club has maintained this model of American Railroading, from Los Angeles Union Station to Bakersfield, for over 50 years at this location.

If you would like to become a member, ask any of us for an application. We would be glad to have you join us. There are so many different aspects of the hobby that you are certain to find one or more to enjoy.

We meet Mondays at 7:30 P.M.

We are Online at www.GMRRC.org.