Benefits of Membership


 A Few Thoughts For Members Of

The Glendale Model Railroad Society

and Those Who Would Like to Join

The Glendale Model Railroad Society (GMRRS) has operated in Fremont Park since 1949 and offers a world-class historical hobbyist experience for youth and adult members and the general public. The members of the Society take pride in owning and operating a beautiful scale model railroad.

“Scale model railroad” – what does that mean?  Scale model railroaders distinguish themselves from toy train operators – think of a Lionel or American Flyer train run during the Holiday Season. Each member operates one, or more, HO (1/87) scale precision replicas of real locomotives, passenger cars and freight cars as they actually existed at a particular point in time. Moreover, we operate our scale trains on a layout built to reflect a real place – the Southern Pacific route from downtown Los Angeles through the San Fernando and Antelope Valleys, through Mojave and over the Tehachapi Mountains to Bakersfield.

Right from the beginning Members realized they could accomplish more, on a grander scale, than each working on his own. Plus, we get to enjoy each other’s company, share our knowledge, enhance our individual abilities and use our joint skills to build and maintain our model railroad. That, like maintaining a household, is a constant job with constant expenses. Your application and membership fees help us to do that.

Our Bylaws (below) spell out the Membership application process and costs, but briefly, a new

Applicant pays $75 with his application. After a vote to accept the Applicant as Probationary

Member (after 90 days and attendance at 8 meetings—Article IV, Section 5(c)) he pays $75

and starts to pay his $30 monthly dues and capital assessments. We have some policies and

recommendations.  Please take a few minutes to read them.


•         Ask for help when you need it.

•         Treat other member’s equipment with respect and care.

•         Run at prototypical scale speeds.

•         Observe an era within your train during an open house.

•         Wear a yellow shirt during open house.

Do Not:

•         Leave food or empty food packaging in the clubhouse.

•         Put food or drink containers on the layout.

•         Put food or drink containers where the public can see them.

•         Put equipment on the layout where the public can see you do it.

•         Handle anyone else’s equipment without their permission.

•         Handle equipment if at all possible, in front of the public.

•         Put anything on the layout that will damage scenery.

•         Obstruct the publics’ view of the layout.

•         Use profanity, vulgarity, or shout within the clubhouse.

•         Smoke within the clubhouse.

•         Possess alcoholic beverages at the clubhouse.

Remember, we are all here to have fun.

The Society meets every Monday, except Christmas & New Years

7:30 to 10:00 p.m.